Pye's Pasties Party Pack - for Bibo+ IVCS

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A customisable set of nipple pasties fitted to Bibo+ IVCS (Small, Medium, Large, and Xtra Large) and Uranus IVCS

Replaces Abyssos Amulet

There is a disturbing lack of fun pasty options available, and this mod aims to rectify that

There are 3 layers (Base, Flair, and Text) with several options each for a total of over 800 combinations!*

*Technically 819 combinations counting "none" options, though in reality some will look weird - like text on nothing - so viable combos is considerably less than that, but still pretty high IMO

Layer options are as follows:


  1. None
  2. Cross (small)
  3. Cross (large)
  4. Hearts
  5. Hearts (open)
  6. Stars
  7. Stars (open)
  8. Lips
  9. Meteors
  10. Meteors (open)
  11. Snowflakes
  12. Webs
  13. Webs (open)


  1. None
  2. Hearts
  3. Stars
  4. Snowflakes
  5. Spiders
  6. Dynamic Lines
  7. Cu Spilt milk.


  1. None
  2. Eat Me
  3. Bite Me
  4. Lick Me
  5. Fuck Me
  6. Fuck You
  7. Bitch
  8. Slut
  9. Please Look Forward To It

This post is too long already so colorset rows are listed in the mod description, but the black which is used on the Cross, Hearts, and Stars bases is dyeable in-game.

*Update: Fixed an issue with item swap in certain circumstances

Huge thanks to Kialandi Jaeger for QC testing and emotional support

Do not resell, do not redistribute, private edits are ok.

Any queries, suggestions, feedback, etc. you can reach out on discord

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Pye's Pasties Party Pack - for Bibo+ IVCS

1 rating
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