Body Piercings for Bibo+ IVCS

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Nipple, navel, and clitoris piercings with interconnecting chains and jewel weights, all on metadata toggles. Also a choker.

Replaces all variants of Aetherial/Dated Circlets (make sure your headpiece slot is set to visible)

**NSFW previews here

Psuedo-physics on jewel weights to make them less static and jiggle around a bit. (they're bound to earring bones so it can cause them to stick out at odd angles in certain poses)

Colorset rows

row 1 - Chains and rings (Dyes apply to this row)

row 3 - Jewels and highlights

row 5 - Choker cloth

Variant attribute toggles as follows

A - Nipple rings

B - Navel ring

C - Clitoris ring

D - Nipple jewel

E - Navel jewel

F - Clitoris jewel

G - Nipple chains

H - Nipple to clitoris chains

I - Choker to nipple chains

J - Choker

Variant presets

Dated Copper Circlet (Sunstone) (11-1) All piercings, rings and choker only

Dated Copper Circlet (Lapis Lazuli) (11-98) All piercings with jewels and choker

Dated Copper Circlet (Sphene) (11-99) All piercings with chains and choker

Dated Copper Circlet (Malachite) (11-100) Nipple rings with jewels

Dated Copper Circlet (Fluorite) (11-101) Navel ring with jewel

Dated Copper Circlet (Danburite) (11-102) Clitoris ring with jewel

Dated Brass Circlet (Sunstone) (11-103) Nipple rings and choker with chains

Dated Brass Circlet (Lapis Lazuli) (11-104) Nipple rings with chains

Dated Brass Circlet (Sphene) (11-105) All chains except choker

11-106 to 11-109 are reserved for custom combinations but you can use any variant, just set the material slot to 1

Thanks to the Illusio Vitae team for the IVCS framework, cultist, Illy Does Things, and Tsar for Bibo+ IVCS and thanks to Raykie for blender kits

Huge thanks to Kialandi Jaeger for QC testing and emotional support

Do not resell, do not redistribute, private edits are ok.

Any queries, suggestions, feedback, etc. you can reach out on discord

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Body Piercings for Bibo+ IVCS

1 rating
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