Lockable Thigh-high Ballet Boots

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Thigh-high ballet boots with optional locking thigh-belts and ankle cuffs to make sure your slave struggles to run away

Replaces Adept's Thighboots

Fitted to Bibo+ L, but should fit most bodies unless you're unlocking sliders

Dyeable in-game, but more control using colorset editing

Colorset rows as follows:

1 Latex primary (Dye channel)

2 Latex secondary (toe and heel) (Dye channel)

3 Locking belts and ankle cuffs

4 Metal fittings

5 Highlights

6 Lacing

7 Lock Body

8 Heel

Variant Attributes:

A - Thigh belts

B - Ankle cuffs

Huge thanks to Kialandi Jaeger for QC testing and emotional support

Do not resell, do not redistribute, private edits are ok.

Any queries, suggestions, feedback, etc. you can reach out on discord https://discord.gg/VDg8g3fXYU

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Lockable Thigh-high Ballet Boots

0 ratings
I want this!